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The group

We are first and foremost river folk, and we grew up where our parents found the means to raise us. Our group formed over time, helping each other to learn and grow with a broad spectrum of experiences and skills. And our experience made us appreciate the environmental and cultural value of the Brenta river and the area that it traverses before flowing onto the plains, giving us the idea for how to promote the river that we kind of feel belongs to us a little bit. And this deep-rooted sense of belonging is how we want to educate children and adults about the historic and natural value of our valley and the infinite recreational opportunities it offers.

We are, and have been, river professionals for many years with the IVAN TEAM RAFTING CENTRE: rafting guides recognised by the Italian Rafting Federation, canoe instructors licensed by the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation, Brenta Valley nature and environmental guides registered with the Province of Vicenza, the only professional guides who can operate in Veneto as nature guides, with qualifications earned at specialist training organisations and institutes (universities, Italian sports federations, local institutes and associations). We have managed the GROTTE DI OLIERO caves complex in Valstagna, and two accommodation facilities in the area for many years, LA CASA SUL FIUME and RAFTING HOTEL AI CAVALLINI.



Twenty-five years of experience and the desire to restore a lively image to our valley have honed our organisational skills and validated our offer, making it complete and attractive to various types of clients.

We are intensely proud to promote the Brenta Valley, protecting its identity and historic and environmental heritage.

This led to our belief that the river and the attractions of the surrounding area are perfect places for recreational and specialist educational workshops for younger and older people alike on respecting the environment. We think that a guided experience out in nature is worth just as much as a lesson in the classroom, with the added value of being easy to understand and engaging, and therefore an excellent integration of traditional training courses linked to environmental education and learning at every level.

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