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A packraft is a small inflatable raft designed to navigate all kinds of aquatic environments, whether it’s rivers, bays or ocean fjords. If you want to have a go with this craft, you can start with a fun excursion canoeing down the Brenta river. You’ll enjoy a relaxing experience in a beautiful setting, surrounded by the sounds and colours of nature! Gliding over the clear waters of the river, cradled by the waves and the current…it’s the perfect way to let go of the everyday stress of life in the city! Alone in a tiny, light inflatable boat, followed by an expert guide, you’ll experience the thrill of a pleasant excursion down the Brenta river, without needing specific experience in canoeing.

To help us organise, please call and book on +39 0424 558250 to arrange the date and time of your activity.


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