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The Brenta Valley, an open-air classroom!


After the winter break, during which our secretarial office is always open to answer your requests, our Teaching Centre will open as usual from March 2023 to host your educational trips, providing ideas for outdoor activities to do on a day trip to the Brenta Valley.

ACTIVITIES – short summary:

For all teachers


Here you will find all the proposals of Vivere il Fiume Learning Centre with Valbrenta Team ASD.

We are a training centre recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and we offer training courses (both multiple or single days) for school teachers at all levels. 100%PROF courses for teachers!

100% Prof courses!! 2022

The Welcome Project that we run at the start of every school year, with transport included, helps get kids to bond within their classes and develop socialisation in a healthy environment, doing outdoor activities to promote team work and cohesion.

The Sports Week project supports the educational programme with March as the perfect period for a school trip to the Brenta Valley.

The annually updated Learning Programme is aimed at teachers who want to organise fun school outings and educational stays in the heart of nature.
At the Ivan Team Rafting Centre, the base for our Learning Centre, everything is set up like school and everything takes place in total safety. We offer river activities, excursions, sports, historic and cultural activities to give a complete overview of the Brenta Valley area, with the principal goal of getting the kids out in the open and appreciating the environment that surrounds them and respecting the resources that are available to them. Boosting team spirit by paddling together while rafting, experiencing the river through canoeing, visiting the Grotte di Oliero caves complex, a spectacular example of karst features, trying a climbing lesson on a natural rock wall, discovering a passion for cycling while riding along the Brenta Cycle Path, hiking along the trekking paths of the Great War paths or Alta Via del Tabacco and many other routes for various skill levels. And then there’s the scientific and cultural part with the Speleology and Karst Museum, the Paper Mill Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of the Canal di Brenta, with visits to the walled cities so abundant in our area. All this and much more, to bring learning, sport and the environment together.

Learning Programme

For information and updates, contact us on +39 0424558250 or email

A single proposal designed and structured for kids of all ages.
We are a top centre in Northern Italy for schools and groups, right in the green heart of the Brenta Valley.

La Casa sul Fiume and Rafting Hotel can provide accommodation for students and teachers for educational trips, guaranteeing comfort and proximity to the activities that you’ll participate in.

Safety is guaranteed by rafting guides licensed by the Italian Rafting Federation (FIRaft and CONI), by nature and environment guides, by technical equipment conforming to safety standards, which we provide for activities, and all staff ready to help with your requests.

At the Vivere il Fiume Learning Centre you will find toilets, changing rooms and hot showers, a bar and a large picnic area, suitable transport, trained, professional staff who will both accompany you on your school trip experience and provide you with a wealth of information about the environment, nature, history and safety regulations for every situation.

For further information, call us on +39 0424 558250 or complete the form below.

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