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No, for rafting you must simply not be afraid of water. For some activities, it's best if you can swim (Rafting Extreme/Hydrospeed) and are physically fit. You don't need a medical certificate. When you book, you will sign a disclaimer to state that you are in good health and there is no medical reason for you not to practise occasional outdoor activities like rafting, hydrospeed, mountain biking, etc.
You don't need to have a minimum group of people. You can book individually. The organisers will put together teams with other participants, minimum 3-4 and maximum 8-10 people per raft, plus a Rafting Guide in every raft.
An expert guide is present on every raft, licensed by FIRaft (Italian Rafting Federation). Before the descent, you will have a short theory lesson and water safety instructions, you'll be instructed on manoeuvres using a paddle, what to do during the descent and all the necessary safety information. After that, you will start the rafting descent on the Brenta river.
Rafting Family is an excursion that is suitable for young children. It's fun and relaxing and you can enjoy the natural landscape along the river. Brenta Raft follows the same route, but you also go diving from the raft and also at the former Carpanè Hydroelectric Power Station which makes it a more active descent. Rafting Adventure includes river trekking in beautiful scenery, swimming with the river current, lots of diving and water battles between teams for an adventure-packed descent. Rafting Extreme features raft capsizing and parts of the descent in very close contact with the water. For true river enthusiasts. Brenta Long and Brenta Plus are longer routes, for river navigation fans. These routes are not always available because of fluctuating river levels. Rafting Exclusive lets you create a truly memorable, bespoke experience.
Ivan Team Rafting Centre facilities are open to all guests. There's a parking area, a bar, a picnic area with services, a private riverside beach, toilets and a relaxation area. Everyone can use these facilities, whether you are doing an activity or just waiting for friends to come back from the river, or guests staying at La Casa sul Fiume or Rafting Hotel Ai Cavallini.
We meet half an hour before the start of all activities. The meeting and departure point for all river activities is the Ivan Team National Rafting and Canoe Centre in Via Fontanazzi, 1a in Solagna (VI). This is right next to La Casa sul Fiume. This is where you change into clothing/equipment required for the activity. From here, we take you to the put-in point at San Gaetano di Valstagna (VI) with Ivan Team transport. For the Large Raft Excursion, the meeting point is at Grotte di Oliero caves complex in Via Oliero di Sotto, 85 in Valstagna (VI).

The Ivan Team Rafting and Canoe Centre has a secure internal parking area and a large open-air car park, both free, where you can leave your vehicle. Camper vans welcome.
The Ivan Team Rafting and Canoe Centre has a secure internal parking area and a large open-air car park, both free, where you can leave your vehicle. Camper vans welcome.
For all activities you require swimwear, trainers that will get wet/river shoes/ diving shoes (no open sandals/flip flops/slides), a tight-fitting long/short-sleeve t-shirt (wool, microfleece or technical fibre whatever the weather and whatever you are used to wearing - avoid cotton because it stays wet and cold), a towel, slippers and everything you need for the shower. There are toilets and hot showers for guests at the Rafting Centre. We strongly advise that you DO NOT bring your mobile phone, wallet, watch and other personal items that could get lost or wet during the river activity.

It is of course OK to bring a GoPro type device to capture the adventure on film! Our helmets have flat adhesive bases, you just need to bring what you need to attach the camera to the helmet (strap). Alternatively, you can use a chest mount.
You can leave clothes and personal items in your bag/rucksack in your vehicle parked inside the Rafting Centre. Lock your vehicle and leave your keys at reception for safekeeping.
We meet 30 minutes before the activity starts at the Ivan Team National Rafting and Canoe Centre (Via Fontanazzi, 2 - 36020 Solagna, VI). Park your vehicle in the secure internal parking area and go to Reception to register (fill in participation form) and pay.

On arrival, all participants will be met by a supervisor. He/she will give you the required technical equipment (neoprene wetsuit, paddle jacket, life jacket and helmet). You can change in the changing room and get ready for the activity. If you are already wearing swimwear, you can change outside into the technical equipment provided.

Put your clothing and personal items into your bag/rucksack and leave them in your vehicle. Lock your vehicle and leave your keys at reception for safekeeping.

One or two rafting guides will then give a short safety briefing and explain how to do rafting (different paddle strokes, commands, how to swim if you fall in the water and so on). We will then take you to the put-in point 10 km north of the Rafting Centre. Your rafting adventure with your guide starts there!
At the end of your activity, you will come out of the river at La Casa sul Fiume in Solagna, our B&B on the banks of the Brenta river, next door to the Rafting Centre.

When the equipment is sanitized, you can get your keys from Reception and use the hot showers, toilets and changing room.
The Rafting Centre provides all the necessary technical and safety equipment for your activity. Long John neoprene wetsuit (full leg, short sleeve), paddle jacket, helmet, life jacket and paddle, conforming to the latest European safety standards. Wetsuits, paddle jackets and helmets are sanitized with disinfectant solution after every use.
You will be taken to the put-in point at San Gaetano, Valstagna and for any transfers during river activities, using Rafting Centre transport.
Any time of year is good for river activities, but March to October is our main season when we are open every day, come rain or shine. In fact, we go out on river activities even when the weather is bad as long as safety conditions are guaranteed.
We still do river activities, apart from in exceptional circumstances, and you will be duly notified in advance. When you arrive at the Rafting Base downstream after your descent, you can have a hot shower and something to eat at the bar.
There are two options... Rafting Family, designed especially for families with very small children (3 years and over), is a calm excursion on the Brenta river, lasting about 1h30 (including changing, theory lesson and transport to the put-in point). As with all other Rafting Centre activities, it is totally safe. For lively kids aged 4 years and over who love water, you can do the Brenta Raft activity together, a proper rafting trip on the Brenta river lasting about 2 hours (including changing, theory lesson and transport to the put-in point).
Children can go rafting from 3 years old, accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. In all cases, even teenagers or minors must be accompanied on board the raft by a responsible adult.
No, the large raft excursion does not require wetsuits but you should wear sports clothing. You must wear/use the technical equipment supplied by Ivan Team (helmet, life jacket and paddle) conforming to the latest European safety standards. It is a totally safe river descent. In all cases, we recommend that you bring a change of clothes...remember, it is a water activity! ;-)
The SUP and canoeing activities are like actual introductory lessons for the sport. They last about 3 hours and require technical equipment and a theory lesson before you take to the water. If you pay for a package of 4 lessons, the first lessons will almost always take place on calm water, at the instructor's discretion. Our FICT and FICK instructors will make sure you have fun and learn to respect the river.
For different level lessons, just mention it to our admin staff when you call to book.
The Rafting Centre is open 8am-7pm during the main season (indicatively March-October). Activities can be scheduled outside of these hours if you are staying at the Rafting Centre. In the winter months, we are open 8.30am-5.30pm (office hours).
If you are in a group of about 10 people, you won't be split up. You will all descend the river together on one raft. If there are fewer people in your group, you may share a raft with other participants, if necessary. For larger groups, you will be split up and put on several rafts but you will descend the river together, starting at the same time and coming downriver side by side. The Rafting Guides decide how to divide groups on the rafts if necessary, to guarantee safety on the river and for logistical reasons.
The times given in various activity descriptions always include the time for changing into technical equipment, the short theory lesson and transport to the put-in point. They do not include a shower at the end. The duration of the activity of course depends on how fast the river is flowing on a certain day and also the team onboard.
Of course, you can! You can purchase a gift voucher for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. On the GIFT CARD page on the website, you can find all the river activities that you can gift and also gift boxes containing activity plus bed & breakfast stay at La Casa sul Fiume. In any case, when your friend or loved one receives their gift and books their experience, they can redeem it against any activity they want to do. The gift voucher is valid for one year, but if for any reason you can't use it during the current season, you can write to to request an extension of validity to the next season. Vouchers are non-refundable.
Booking is essential. You can book by phone or email, with just a few days' notice. If you are booking for a large group, it's better to book a few weeks in advance! We'll agree on the date/time of your visit to the Centre, what type of activity and any extra services you require.
Next door to the Ivan Team Rafting Centre, you'll find La Casa sul Fiume, a welcoming B&B on the riverbank where you can stay overnight and enjoy a fine breakfast ahead of the day's sport. A few kilometres away we also have Rafting Hotel Ai Cavallini, another place to stay. We can advise you on what best suits your needs. Call us on +39 0424 558250 to book your stay.
Yes, if you are fit enough to handle it! A rafting or hydrospeed descent is physically very demanding and takes about 3 hours overall. We recommend that you just do one activity per day, staying overnight with us at our accommodation, the La Casa sul Fiume B&B or the Rafting Hotel Ai Cavallini. Visit the B&B in the Brenta Valley page.
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